Are lithium batteries good in a golf cart?

As you know, battery is the heart of golf cart, and one of the most expensive and core components of golf cart. With more and more lithium batteries being used in golf carts, many people are wondering “Are lithium batteries good in a golf cart?

Golf Cart

First, we need to know what kinds of batteries are commonly used in golf carts now?

1, Lead-acid battery, the maintenance of this kind of battery is troublesome, need to add the distilled water to battery in time,easy to cause dry burning battery and lead to battery damage if don’t add water in time. So,necessary checking is needed in daily use, which causes high maintenance cost.

2, Lead-acid maintenance-free battery, don’t need the daily maintenance. Check the cables,connections regularly in the use process, charge in time,the general life cycles can be up to 500.

3, Lithium battery,which is very simple, so many advantages, more than 3000 cycles, light weight, maintenance free,etc, the only one disadvantage is price,the price is higher compared with the other two kinds of lead acid batteries.

For these 3 kinds of batteries,which is the best choice for golf carts?

1, For users more sensitive to the price, and the maintenance labor cost is low, low request in battery life, think about lead-acid battery.

2, For users can accept higher price, lithium battery is definitely the first choice. Lithium-ion batteries cost about 30% more than lead-acid batteries. However, based on the advantages of long life, maintenance free,etc,analysis the long-term comprehensive benefits, you will dind that the annual cost of lithium batteries is much cheaper than lead-acid battery.

Lithium VS Lead Acid 1

How to choose a suitable golf lithium battery for your golf cart?

1.According to your golf cart type. 

For smaller golf carts, such as 2 seats, 4 seats and 6 seats,48V105AH lithium battery is good choice,for example BNT-G48105 LiFePO4 golf cart battery, with high cost performance and enough for daily use. For long golf carts like 8 seats,heavy duty vehicles, you’d better choose high capacity lithium batteries such as BNT-G48165 and BNT-G48205.

2.According to the application scenario.

Golf carts are widely used in golf courses,communities, hotels, train stations, airports etc. For golf carts, communities, hotels, 48V105AH lithium battery is enough. For rental, business vehicles,you’d better choose bigger capacity lithium battery.

“Are lithium batteries good in a golf cart?”I am sure you’ve got the answer. Lithium batteries are the first and best choice in golf carts!


Post time: Nov-02-2022