Become A Dealer


Thank you for your interest in BNT Batteries, where we
strive daily to understand the power supply demands,
fulfill the demands and work to make it better !

Dealer Standards

Dealer’s showrooms /shops are required to showcase our lines through interior and exterior branding representation. Specific dealership requirements will vary based on business size and product lines carried.

BNT has store design consultants to help authorized dealers create a premier shopping experience for their customers. If you are approved to become a dealer, we will work together to create a design that will support our brand(s) and help you grow your business.

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BNT Battery has grown from a small battery manufacturer founded in XiaMen China., into the one of the best battery company in worldwide.
BNT has been engineering breakthrough, quality products for years.our industry­-leading assortment of parts, garments and accessories keep us as top notch battery supplier in world wide battery supplies .

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BNT is committed to our dealer network. We design the best products and right programs that will help to grow your business. Made up of nearly 100 dealers worldwide, our strong dealer network is one of BNT’s strategic advantages.

We believe in building long-­term partnerships with our dealers and we seek out those who believe in providing exceptional customer service.

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Our continuous drive to innovate and make our products even better is why users love and choose us. BNT make
the products to be :
1. Longer Life Expectation
2. Less Weight
3. Maintenance-Free
4. Integrated & Robust
5.Higher limitation
6. More Resilience

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for becoming a dealer?
Complete the New Dealer Inquiry Form. One of our Dealer Development Specialists will contact you shortly

What are the requirements/initial costs to become a dealer?
Your Dealer Development Specialist will walk you through initial start­up costs. These costs vary based on the
product lines desired. Initial start­up costs include service tools, branding, and training.

Can I carry other brands?
Potentially, yes. Dealer Development will conduct an analysis of the competitive environment and determine
if a multiple brand store is an option in your market

What BNT product lines can I carry?
A market analysis will be conducted by our Dealer Development Specialist. We will determine what product
lines are available in your particular market.

What credit requirements are needed to become a dealer?
The amount of credit required will be based on the product lines requested. Once your application has been
approved, you will be contacted by our lending affiliate BNT Acceptance, who will determine what is
necessary to secure a credit facility with them.